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From team matches and regional events to national competitions

You Are Only Is Good As Your Best Competition

Fred Astaire Dance Studios hosts Inter-Regional and Regional Dance Competitions across the country, to make our Students’ dance experience even more fun and rewarding. Our goal is to provide you with exciting opportunities to hone your dance skills & confidence, spend time with friends old & new, experience inspiring dance performances, have a chance to win amazing trophies & prizes, travel to cities across the country, and have more fun than you could imagine!

Fred Astaire Dance Studios Inter-Regional and Regional Dance Competitions are 1 – 3 day events hosted by Fred Astaire Dance Studios® Regions across the country, and typically take place over a weekend. Regional Dance Competitions are open to all Fred Astaire Dance Studios® Students who dance at  locations within that Region, and their instructors. Inter-Regional Dance Competitions is a newer category: we’ve opened some of our best Regionals to FADS Students & Instructors from across the country, so everyone can attend! To browse the entire schedule of Regional and Inter-Regional dance events, click the Events tab at the top of this page, then “All Events”, and use the filters on the left margin to search each category.

Regional and Inter-Regional Dance Competitions are perfect for newer Amateur dancers, more experienced  dancers who are new to competing, and everyone who loves the thrill of exceptional ballroom dance, and dance performances.