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Benefits Of Ballroom Dancing


Dancing is a wonderful activity that will benefit your mind, body, and soul. It is one of the few truly pleasurable activities that is good for you in every way.


Here is a list of some of the tremendous benefits dancing can bring to your life:

  1. You will become more flexible, more agile, and more graceful both on and off the dance floor.
  2. You’ll burn calories while you’re having fun. It’s invigorating!
  3. Ballroom dancing will also benefit your mental and emotional health.
  4. You can discover a new passion and joy in your life at any age.
  5. You can learn to dance with a variety of partners, many of whom will become your friends.
  6. Dancing will make you smarter. Researchers have found that ballroom dancing improves mental acuity throughout a dancer’s life and can even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease in senior citizens! It’s like two swords sharpening one another- the body helps the mind work, and the mind takes care of the body.
  7. You’ll become more musical and learn to appreciate musical timing and phrasing.
  8. You will discover a rhythm and grace in your own body you didn’t know you had.
  9. Ballroom dancing will make you stronger, happier, healthier, and smarter. It will bring you joy.
  10. Dancing is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that will use all your major muscle groups.
  11. It encourages good posture and body alignment, and will strengthen your body’s core abdominal muscles.
  12. Dancing is a great way to lose weight!
  13. It is a skill that you can take with you no matter where you go!


The overall benefits of dancing are numerous…these are just a few. But once you come and dance with us, you’ll see yourself trim up, think faster, and be happier! Try it! Once you get here, you’ll know it’s the right decision for you!


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