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Five Reasons Couples Should Take Ballroom Dance Lessons

  1. Great date night activity. Many dates consist of dinner and/or a movie. Ballroom dancing would be a fun date that is unique and allows you to get close to your partner.
  2. A form of exercise that you can do together. Ballroom dancing can burn up to 400 calories an hour depending on the dance! Dancing is a great way to build up muscle strength and get in a good cardio workout while having fun with your partner.
  3. Dancing relieves stress. When home life can be stressful, dancing can be a great way to focus on something else for an hour with your partner. Dancing also releases endorphins which help to reduce your cortisol levels (stress levels).
  4. You and your partner can whip out your dance moves at social events. Whether you are at a wedding, on vacation or enjoying a live band, you will be able to dance to the music instead of swaying to the music.
  5. Hobby that can truly and equally be shared. Sometimes it can be hard to find hobbies that you and your partner are both interested in and get to equally partake in. Dancing allows both people to be able to dance together at the same time.

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