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Join The World Cup Series

Premiere Competition Loyalty Program

The Fred Astaire Dance Studios® World Cup Series gives our competing Amateur dancers an amazing way to be acknowledged, rewarded and awarded – automatically! When you compete at World Cup Series qualifying events, you’ll earn points for every entry. Throughout the year, there are over a dozen qualifying dance competitions. You’ll have fun competing with other Amateur dancers at your level from across the country, and dancing for a chance to win amazing prizes, trophies, swag bags and scholarships to upcoming Fred Astaire Dance Studios® competitions.

All three levels of Fred Astaire Dance Studios® Dance Competitions are included in the World Cup Series Competition Loyalty program:

  • Participating Regionals – These one to three-day dance events are hosted by Fred Astaire Dance Studios® Regions across the country, and typically take place over a weekend. Our Regional dance competitions are open to students who dance at Fred Astaire Dance Studios® locations within that Region.
  • NEW Inter-Regionals – Some of our best Regional competitions are now open to FADS Amateur dancers from across the country, so everyone can attend – for more fun, more entries, more friends to see, and more chances to earn WCS points!
  • Nationals – Our renowned four to five-day National and World Championship events offer the highest WCS points potential, and are held in exciting vacation destinations such as Las Vegas, Orlando, and New Orleans.