The Best In Ballroom

The Fred Astaire International Dance Council is an invaluable resource of creative talent, experience and knowledge from all corners of the dance world. Its members are all experts in dance who have retired from active competition, and who have met all certification, diploma and competitive prerequisites.

The goals of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios International Dance Council are to:

  • Ensure excellence in dance quality
  • Mentor staff & student development
  • Drive product development
  • Foster exceptional customer service across our studio network

The Dance Council oversees dance styling & technique at the regional, national and international levels; and maintains and continually reviews the Fred Astaire Dance Studios official Curriculum to ensure that only the highest-quality programs are offered to our students. The Dance Council is also responsible for:

  • Adjudicating at branded competitions
  • Coaching students in-studio
  • Leading Dance Camps / Boot Camps
  • Conducting on-going staff certifications and business training

A seven-member Executive Dance Board oversees the activities of the Fred Astaire International Dance Council, which is organized into functional Dance Committees. Dance Committee members & leaders are carefully selected by the Executive Dance Board based on specific areas of expertise. International Dance Council Committees include:

  • International Examiners
  • Choreographers
  • American Smooth
  • American Rhythm
  • International Ballroom
  • International Latin
  • Theatre Arts/Exhibition
  • Club Dances
  • Performing Arts
  • ParaDance
  • Kids’ Dance
  • Streaming